I Can Only Imagine

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Morgan and I were able to screen the new movie I Can Only Image, the story of Bart Millard. It was a very emotional day for me as I was able to hear in person [...]

Being thankful

Many times, the image tells the story. I don’t know the man in the photo, but the photo speaks. In the US, this is a week we celebrate Thanksgiving – a time to reflect what we are thankful for, a [...]

How To Inspire Purpose In Employees

One of the most important and best things about working at MSGPR is that the upper management truly wants all employees to succeed. When an employee is consistently broken down and berated for [...]

Lessons Learned With Web Design

Occasionally, my job requires a little bit of finagling. That fine-tuned earnest desire that if I hold my tongue a certain way and close my eyes, the website will magically be coded and colored [...]

Happy Internaut Day!

Today is Internaut Day. Internaut Day celebrates the day that Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web, forever opening the internet to the public. Today, 25 years after his creation, Internaut [...]

Teachers Conservation Institute 2016

For the past few summers, MSG has been able to accompany a group of teachers during the Teachers Conservation Institute. This July, we followed teachers as they learned depths of information [...]

Lead Tech Camp 2016

Every year, MSG teaches student worship leaders all about the aspects of technology in worship at the Southern Baptists of Texas Lead Camp. So, from July 26 to 30 we were at the Trinity Pines [...]

Ancient Technology

Wednesday I got the opportunity to handle a side of MSG I knew existed, but I had never gotten to work hands on with. We receive lots of video content on older devices for us to transfer them to [...]


Comicpalooza is Texas’ largest comic and pop culture convention. It is located in Houston and occurs in June every year. MSG provided the camera coverage and projectors for the Comicpalooza [...]

Fun at the Rodeo!

Our local Lions Club puts on an incredible small town rodeo that draws some of the leading cowboys in the rodeo industry. It is great that our rodeo is one of the pathways for these cowboys to [...]


Today has been termed “mobilegeddon” by many in the web industry. Google announced in advance that it was changing its algorithms – something they never do – and today is [...]

Retail Energy Choices in Texas

For states like Texas in deregulated energy markets, there are plenty of choices for energy.  Websites like saveonenergy.com, shopmypower.com and powertochoose.org have put the choice of electric [...]

MSGPR invites you to a Baby Shower!

This year, as in years past, The Pregnancy Help Center (PHC) of Lufkin, TX is hosting a Babypalooza-A Texas-sized Baby Shower from January 14-February 17, 2013. This event is dedicated to [...]

Behind the scenes of designing a logo

Today our logo designer, Chuck, gives you some insight into how and why he creates some of our great logos! While logo design refers to the activity of creating a logo, and the term logo is used [...]

Halloween: The True Story

For naysayers of this festive holiday, calling it the “devil’s holiday,” here is a quick reminder of where it came from and why it’s ok to let lose & have a little fun on this [...]

Tis the season….

The gift giving season is upon us with Christmas just around the corner.  May we suggest the perfect gift?  At MSGPR we can help you create a new version of an old memory.  Some people are just [...]


At MSGPR, we’re no stranger to the political arena. Of course we’re no stranger to social media either.  After two campaigns that heavily used social media, it has become a no-brainer [...]

What a great time of year for: CANDY!!!

MSGPR welcomed Atkinson Candy to our family of clients recently and we couldn’t think of a better time of year. Inevitably, the autumn season inspires visions of Chick-O-Sticks and Peanut Butter [...]

Myspace: Can they really rebuild it?

  Remember Myspace? Yeah, you heard right: Myspace is back. Remember the old format, the loosely formed profile page of insanity, and of course we all loved the heck of it. Then Facebook [...]

What’s That Smell?

It happens every year…kids head back to school, the temperature begins its slow decent, and there is certain smell in the air. It’s Lufkin Panther football season! And here at MSGPR, we have been [...]

Win Your Way Over With Marketing

The Olympics is a nation wide festivity that everyone enjoys. One event that might be similar to it is the super bowl. Don’t you think? Well not the way you’re thinking. It is similar in the [...]

Start Pinning Away!

Pinterest! We all have heard of this new and strange social media site. But wait wait wait, before you start thinking its just another social networking site that the younger generation uses, [...]

Wedding Bliss

The courtship is finally over and we are happy to congratulate Seth and Becca Black on their marriage. The both got hitched on Saturday July 7, 2012. The wedding ceremony was in Tatum, Texas and [...]

Its That Summer Camp Experience

Summer is a busy time for us solely because of summer camps. You might ask yourself, “What could MSGPR do at summer camps?” Well what we do is the camera work for all of them and we make the [...]

New Intern On Board

Welcome Taylor Childress – I am a new, fresh, and excited intern at MSGPR and have just successfully ended my first week, and I can’t wait to see what more it has to offer. I am from a city [...]

So Long, Gowalla

Gowalla a location services social media platform is no more. Dwarfed by the giant that is Foursquare, Gowalla was a go service for travelers on the go. Just 3 months after Facebook acquired the [...]

A New Member to the Team!

While its not a person our production trailer is a critical part of the team. Ready to work. Based in Lufkin – Four camera switched production trailer. Ideal for church programs, special [...]

Social Media Tips from Chuck

Having problems getting a handle on the storm that is social media, dont worry MSGPR has a team well versed in all ins and outs of the platform.If your company or organization needs real help in [...]