Comicpalooza is Texas’ largest comic and pop culture convention. It is located in Houston and occurs in June every year. MSG provided the camera coverage and projectors for the Comicpalooza panels. This event included a J-Fashion show, cosplay contest, film festival, literary conference, code fest, maker space, Mars Rover rides, video and tabletop gaming, BMX stunt show, professional wrestling, roller derby bouts, and panels with Kate Beckinsale, Norman Reedus, The Cast of Aliens and more.

Admittedly, we were all very excited to be able to experience the booths and wonders of Comicpalooza as well as work alongside (albeit only in passing) names as great as Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker.

MSG provided all projectors and screens and managed any issues during. We also provided camera coverage of all the main events. We brought three cameras to shoot in the large general assembly room, and we helped trouble shoot any issues discovered with the camera equipment, screens, audio, and more.

The team went non stop during this convention, ensuring every panel and event we were responsible for went without so much as a hitch. That plan, however good it was, did not quite work out as well as we hoped. There are always problems to be had, and many a time our team was scrambling for a different cord to accommodate the panelists’ computers or running to and from rooms, arms loaded with gaffer tape.

Whatever issues we had, though, were met with excitement and laughter as we covered the Q&A panels with our favorite cult/pop culture movie stars, saw the different cosplayers of our favorite comic book and video game characters, and caught a moment to peruse the hundreds of booths dedicated to nerdy and geeky awesomeness.

Comicpalooza was a success, and the MSG team is excited to do such an event again.  If you want a team dedicated to working hard at seeing your event’s media done well, you are looking in the right place.

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