Fun at the Rodeo!

Our local Lions Club puts on an incredible small town rodeo that draws some of the leading cowboys in the rodeo industry. It is great that our rodeo is one of the pathways for these cowboys to get to the PRCA finals in Las Vegas this year. MSG provided the cameras and the camera personnel for the video replay screen during the rodeo this year. The very limited budget called for one camera, but we decided a second camera would really add to the action of the rodeo. The shoot-cam was a big hit and brought a close-up view of the cowboys strapping in for their rides. What a difference a second camera can make in telling the story! MSG also provides the website, photography ( and the highlight wrap-up video. Our hats are off to one of the most giving benefit rodeos in the nation!

When planning an event, we always request that the client will use a minimum of two cameras to help tell the story! What an incredible difference it can make in your production!

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