Its That Summer Camp Experience

Summer is a busy time for us solely because of summer camps. You might ask yourself, “What could MSGPR do at summer camps?” Well what we do is the camera work for all of them and we make the memories come to life through a DVD. One specific camp that we just finished at was the Texas District Camp Meeting for the Pentecostal Churches across Texas. These camps are always filled with so much spirit and we are able to capture every bit of it.

Through these camps we can capture the joy and expressions every one has and let all the families experience it over and over again at home. Why wouldn’t you want a DVD from camp? And that’s why we are here to make your best experience happen over and over again, but of course having good quality.

Not only do we at MSGPR do the “videoing” but we also make the disks and do all the other media behind the scenes. I know I know you probably are thinking “What!?” But yes we do all of it.

We really love doing our job and this is part of it and not only do we do what we love but we get to attend some awesome events. Its just this crazy PR world that has so much to offer.

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