Let me introduce you to a fabulous addition to our team: Ms. Misty Boggs!

When MSGPR took over the management of www.LufkinPantherSports.com, as well as the fan forum, and created a rabid following of the Panther faithful on Facebook and Twitter, we quickly realized the insatiable need for an on-the-scene reporter.  As Lufkin Panther TV, we have been devoted for several years to offering the fans of this community full-length recordings and airings of each and every LP football game, including play-offs.  But for our staff, it isn’t enough to just show up on Friday nights anymore.  So Misty, our lead reporter is present at as many of the Panther games and events as she can squeeze into her busy schedule. So far, she has reported on football, boy’s and girl’s basketball, cross-country, swimming, and volleyball and is looking forward to the upcoming baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, track, and power lifting seasons.

Misty grew up in Diboll, but was homeschooled so her allegiances are neutral, which makes for great reporting.  She graduated fromAngelinaCollegein May 2012 with an Associates of Arts in Journalism.  When I asked her what her career aspirations are she said, “Oh, geez!  Bottom line?  To provide quality writing for my community, build from where I am at and one day, tell the story that motivates this generation into thoughtful change.”  Now that is inspiring!

In her free time she likes to watch football (my kinda girl), read classic literature (intellectual), and her hobby is photography.  Her favorite sports are football and basketball (no wonder she doesn’t mind working here).  She also enjoys watching BBC shows on Netflix, like Dr. Who.  Her favorite social media source is Pinterest, which is helpful to me because I feel socially inadequate on that one.

When I asked if there was anything else she would like to share she said, “Thanks for the opportunity!!”  Misty is being gracious but we are the ones that should be thanking her.  She is a wonderful addition to our team and is willing to put in hours on the sidelines to get the story and get it right.  If you see her at the next game, give her a big “Thank you” back from Panther nation!

Please check out Misty’s latest stories on www.LufkinPantherSports.com and join the Panther following on Facebook, Twitter, and our fan forum.  GO PACK!!!

By:  Kristine Mize

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