Myspace: Can they really rebuild it?


Remember Myspace? Yeah, you heard right: Myspace is back. Remember the old format, the loosely formed profile page of insanity, and of course we all loved the heck of it. Then Facebook came along and the exodus began. Myspace is now back with a video that hit Twitter three days ago thanks to Justin Timberlake, who appears to be a huge investor in the re-launch.


We have to say the it looks absolutely gorgeous. If Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest had a love child, you would have Myspace. Myspace is debuting a media-focused social network which emphasizes imagery, a static footer navigation bar with a built-in music player, and a left-to-right timeline of posts in a modular format like Pinterest. It will certainly attract artists, designers, musicians, and high profile “profiles.” But what about the rest of us? Although we’ll have to wait and see if the demoed functionality comes together into a coherent and enjoyable service, there’s no denying that the design shown in the preview looks amazing. This is especially surprising, considering how rough around the edges Myspace has always been. You can be sure we will weigh in our opinions as we try it out for ourselves. Let us know what you think!

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.


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