At MSGPR, we’re no stranger to the political arena. Of course we’re no stranger to social media either.  After two campaigns that heavily used social media, it has become a no-brainer in any campaign’s strategy.

In 2008, Barack Obama was the undisputed king of campaign social media. He announced his vice presidential nominee by text message. He raised half a billion dollars online while he ruled the spheres of Twitter and Facebook influencing millions of young adults as a hip candidate compared to McCain.

But Republicans are fighting back and catching up during this campaign cycle. Mitt Romney announced his exploratory committee on Facebook and is asking supporters to download signs from an iPhone app. Republican politicians use Twitter aggressively, turning every White House attempt at a call-out a joke. They post critiques of the current president on Tumblr. Campaigners reach out to conservative blogs to amplify their messages. The Republican National Committee launched its own Facebook app, the Social Victory Center, aiming to compete with Obama in data mining and online engagement.

Twitter is this year’s tool of choice especially after the debates. The presidential debate on October 3rd between Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and incumbent President Barack Obama shattered social media records, earning recognition as the most tweeted political event in US history. The Denver, Colorado debate surpassed records set by this year’s Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention. President Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney generated 10.3 million total tweets during their 90 minutes on air. The conversations during the domestic policy-themed debate ranged from health care to economic issues to Big Bird, and viewers created their own virtual debates via Twitter.

Social Media is now an immeasurable tool for any campaign or organization and knowing how to use it effectively is a must. Of course there will always be negatives to using these tools, such as posting polarizing views when speaking your mind, but the perks can outweigh these negatives. Look to see the parties using these tools a lot in the next month to reach the millions of voters and look to us at MSGPR to keep you up-to-date on the latest social media technology.

By Charles Roberds

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