Campaigns can be harsh and, in Angelina County, this primary season has been crazy.  MSGPR had the privilege to represent some great candidates – and Todd Kassaw was one of them. Despite the underhanded shenanigans of his opponent, Todd Kassaw ran a clean and honorable campaign. MSGPR provided campaign consulting, media production, web and print design for the Kassaw campaign. Unfortunately, the best man doesn’t always win and in this instance, that is so. Hopefully the winner will run the office with more integrity than he did his campaign. There are many things that we don’t share during the election (negative campaigning) and now that it is over we will share! Here are just a couple of the infractions that we documented: 1.) His campaign signs went up before the allowable date. 2.) Many of his campaign materials did not have the proper disclaimer such as his purple bags. 3.)  He bought television spots in December for his law office [no campaign disclaimer] and paid for them with campaign funds. 4.) He continued to pass out campaign materials on LISD property after being told it was against the rules, and 5.) He failed to file a Personal Finance Report and timely Campaign Finance forms – and some cases, none at all as required by law. We salute Todd Kassaw for following the rules even when his opponent didn’t!


Todd Kassaw Campaign


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