Social Media Tips from Chuck

Having problems getting a handle on the storm that is social media, dont worry MSGPR has a team well versed in all ins and outs of the platform.If your company or organization needs real help in the area of social media, please contact for a custom social media marketing plan.

In the coming weeks, Chuck will give out handy tips for anyone that just needs a few points in the social media jungle.

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Add Social Media to Your Vocabulary:  As easy as it sounds, you would be amazed how many organizations forget to do this. Do you ever tell anyone about your social media presence?  Or do you just think they will find it on their own?  In order for people to find and engage with you online, they need to know that you exist online. So make sure that you talk about your presences on your calls, when you meet someone new, at events, print media and more.  The people you interact with everyday can be some of your biggest supporters on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which leads to more business for you.

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