Start Pinning Away!

Pinterest! We all have heard of this new and strange social media site. But wait wait wait, before you start thinking its just another social networking site that the younger generation uses, YOUR WRONG. Pinterest is now being used for buiseness purposes and it’s doing a great job. You have Twitter, which is more of words promoting your buiseness with events and such, you have Facebook that promotes your whole buiseness and everything, and you have Linkdin, which can be used for great networking. But now to the good stuff, Pinterest which can be used for more visual purposes. On pinterest you pin certain pictures (AKA, PIN-terest) and you pin them to boards. Companies have started pinning their pictures to certain boards to promote their businesses and creating links back to their websites and online stores. Yah you thought the companies where researching all day behind their desk but nope its Pinterest. They have also used Pinterest like no other buiseness has thought of by promoting a competition. Customers just pin and certain pictures lead to a competition. A business can use Pinterest to pin their favorite articles that they might like and from their have their customers rate the products. What better way can you think of letting customers rate your products and still have fun? Come up with one yet? No probably not, cause all your thinking of is Pinterest! Another creative way pinterest is being used is by showing how the company’s lifestyle is. You can pin what you like or even what your company does with a board of pictures. Lets face it, pictures do make people pay more attention and you can even post videos. Its this crazy world that the social media has created and why not make businesses the top consumer? If you can’t think of any ways to promote your business with Pinterst or cant think of any ideas for a board name, contact MSGPR. We would love to help your Pinterest glory. Don’t lie, you know it’s a great idea. Now go to pinterest and happy pinning.

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