This could be the most important video you ever watch

This could be the most important video you ever watch in regards to our country’s future! We have been branded as a Republican, Christian-based PR Company -and I don’t have a problem with this – so, with that said – I received a note and link from a friend and leader in our community and I believe it is important enough to put on my blog.  Here it is please take some time to watch this:

To my Christians Friends:
If you are concerned about the way our country is headed, I would like to encourage you to listen to Tommy Nelson, Pastor of Denton Bible Church, Denton, TX. The sermon to listen to was preached this past Sunday and it is entitled The Continental Divide.

It is about an hour long however the essence of the message for me can be summed up in three talking points. 1. The right of the unborn child. 2. Gender identification. 3. The preservation of the Supreme Court as found in the Constitution (free speech).

He fleshes out these points in a way that no other person has that I have heard. This election is about the platforms, which are worlds apart. In most other elections in our lifetime one could not tell the one political parties’ platform from the other. However, this year, the Democrats are “destroying” God’s principles. He has sanctioned life, male and female, and free speech. If this country chooses against these 3 principles, we are asking for God’s judgment and wrath to fall on us.

We have the biggest block vote in the country. If we Christians, really believe what we have been praying for years … 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, who are called by my name (that would be us) humble themselves (don’t be so proud and sanctimonious) and pray and seek my face (this is the time we can make a difference … as Ester said” … such a time as this) and turn from their wicked ways (that would be to not vote, sit down do nothing, or vote just down-ballot) THEN I will heal their land.

Something to think about. .. when we get to Heaven, we will be telling God what we did to preserve this fabulous gift that He has given to us … this great nation called America.

Conni Estes, Lufkin, TX

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