Win Your Way Over With Marketing

The Olympics is a nation wide festivity that everyone enjoys. One event that might be similar to it is the super bowl. Don’t you think? Well not the way you’re thinking. It is similar in the aspect of the marketing and the media side. The Olympics uses a lot of advertizing and each spot is worth every penny. Remind you of something? Exactly, the super bowl! Marketing and advertising in the Olympics is one of the biggest honors you could have just because it’s the Olympics and also because it only comes every four years. People have made amazing advertisements for the 2012 Olympics and not only are they moving and touching , a lot of them are true stories that draw the audience to a specific player which get them involved. The opening ceremony is also one of the top most watched events in the nation. It is meant to draw your attention. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy the crazy characters and theme this year? But that’s beside the point. My point is that with all these events and ceremonies marketing can take you, your company, and your message so far! So you see the advertisements but now go out and be in the Olympics (on the marketing side that it unless you’re a Michael Phelps over there).


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