Still in a rut with your life? Do you ever watch those crazy reality shows about surviving or amazing races and think, that would be cool to do! Or how about your coworkers’ tales of adventure at the watercooler.

Let’s look at 10 ways to spice up your life. From giving up macaroni and cheese for good every Thursday, to bringing mission-oriented travel into your vacation schedule, you’re bound to experience some change.

Let’s experience some adventure!

Consider these ten strategies to add some kick to your life and feel alive again:

1. Find the time for some adventure. An adventure doesn’t need to take a lot of time, although they all require some time. Make a list of how you spend your time each week and look for unproductive or unsatisfying activities that you can sacrifice for an adventure. Remember, adventure for you could be taking a painting class or maybe learning a martial art.

2. Say YES! As you’re saying “yes” to new activities and people, remember that when we say “no,” life stays the same. The key is to say “yes” for a change and see what happens in your life. But remember you need to be saying “yes” to new things and people, not just going to the movies with your friend for the 100th weekend in a row.

3. Get in shape! Save your breath for another adventure by getting in shape before attempting a high mountain or waterfall. I know, I need to hear it again – “Get in shape.” Not all adventures require a high degree of physical fitness, but you’ll have far more fun just because you are physically prepared, both literally and figuratively.

4. Save money. The more money you have, the bigger your adventures can be. Of course, you can have plenty of adventures near your home for free. However, having more money allows you to be more spontaneous and have a greater variety of adventures from short-term travels abroad to trying out a new activity close to home for the day.

5. Immerse yourself in your interests. What interests you? Travel? The outdoors? Do you always think about doing something outside your comfort zone but never find the time or opportunity to do it? Commitment to an adventure is what makes an adventure fulfilling.

6. Try a new food. This is an easy way to add some adventure to your life. I love food! Have you ever had Thai food? Russian? Indian? There are plenty of foods in your grocery store that you’ve never tasted. And I’m sure there are some restaurants near that you have never tried. Try one today. Did I tell you I LOVE food?

7. Like me, I’m sure you have the fastest routes for all of your regular daily travel. To bring some adventure into your life, you can get rid of the fast and convenient routes and go scenic. Take a different path for a change so you can enjoy the scenery. Chances are, you’ll come across something interesting or maybe a new view of the sunrise or sunset.

8. Plan a trip to someplace new. Make your own itinerary and ensure that you’ll have some adventures along the way. Check out TripAdvisor and use Google Street views to scope out places to go and things to see. Before any trip, including my business trips, I’ll check all the areas around my destination. I’ve found some great shops and food by planning my own travel.

9. Encourage diversity by having new people to interact with. Few things can add more change into your life than new people. Instead of avoiding eye contact and living a boring life, you can start this adventure by talking to one person you don’t know every day.

A friend of mine that shoots photos as a hobby recently started taking pictures of people on the street and listening to their stories. He has heard some incredible stories and met some very interesting people.

10. Do something adventurous at least once a week. Adventure doesn’t have to be something that only happens once a year. You can make the decision to be adventurous each day of your life.

Have you been stuck in a rut? Have you been living the Ground Hog Day over and over again? It’s easy to just do the same things all the time, but we aren’t meant to live that way. When we have a good routine going, it can be difficult to convince ourselves to make any changes. But really, there is no other person on earth with exactly our routines or priorities! Add some adventure to your life by checking out these 10 ways to change up your days!

How can you add some adventure in your life? Relax, take deep breaths, throw your worries away, and start by giving yourself an adventure today!

Lee Miller

Photo: Author Lee Miller finds time for adventure in a busy schedule. Pictured in a recent sailing adventure with family and friends in the Pacific.