Audiences: Know Them, Grow Them 

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This week we are back to share specific ways you can know your audience and grow them. First to know them, you need all the information you can possibly gather. 

Get to know your audience

There are many different types of data you can collect to better know your audience. Here is a quick overview of a few possible data types: 

Basic demographics: age, gender 

Information like the age and gender of your audience is a great place to start! They help you know if there is a specific segment already following you that you can target. This data is also the easiest to obtain: simply go to your businesses Facebook, open the business suite, and check out the audience tab under insights. 

Economic data: job, income 

Economic data can give you insight into your audience’s needs, wants, and how they spend their money.  

Geographic data: live, work, shop 

This data is also pretty easy to access on most social media platforms like Facebook. In the business suite’s insights tab there is a breakdown of the major cities your audience resides in. If you focus on in store sales, then knowing you audiences geographic location is key to creating targeted ads and increasing sales.  

Social media interaction data 

How and when does your audience interact on social media? This data is less hard numbers, and more experiential. Over time, keep your eyes and ears open and observe your audiences practices. Identify what time of day your audience is most active, and post in those windows to increase engagement. Does your audience prefer text? Pictures? Videos? Links? Whatever media your audience interacts with, focus on creating that kind of content. 

A few additional questions you can ask for data collection:  

Where does your audience spend their time? What do they talk about? What brands do they trust? 

How to grow your audience

So now that you know all about your audience, how do you set about growing them? We have four specific suggestions: 

Content Curation 

Content curation is sourcing relevant content from outside sources. It can be a blog post, a news article, or any other media that is relevant to your product, business, and audience. Content curation, when done well, helps customers see your business as a knowledgeable authority in your field. Using outside sources also helps increase engagement and draw in new customers by placing your business in front of new people. For example, if you post a relevant story from a popular news site, tag them, and use your brand’s hashtag along with the newspaper’s. Your business is now accessible the newspaper’s audience as well. 

Paid Media  

Whether its Facebook ads, Google ads, or even print ads, paid ads can help you reach specific audiences. This is especially helpful for businesses who primarily serve specific geographic areas. Both print and online ads usually allow you to target a specific geographic region. Online ads often allow you to target specific demographics as well: maybe you want men to see your ad, or you want to target people who visited your website, but didn’t make a purchases see your ad pop up on their timeline.  

Post Timing 

After researching your audiences favorite times to scroll, post, and like on social media, schedule your posts around those same times. 

Brand Awareness Campaign 

Once you know your audience well, you can tailor your campaigns to best catch their eyes.  Take your knowledge of who they are and what they like and craft a campaign that presents your brand in a way that appeals to your audience. 

The goal of all of the data and information you gather is so you can more efficiently target customers and better produce relevant content for your audience.  So get started today and grow your audience!

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