Content is extremely important. It is what drives engagement, trust, and understanding of your company’s products and brand. There’s a common saying in the social media world: Content is king. That may be true, but that doesn’t mean that content creation has to take up all your time. Many small businesses run their own social media and don’t have the hours to research perfect curation and newly developing trends, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for lower quality content. Today, we’ve curated a list of content suggestions specifically focused towards helping small businesses produce effective and engaging social posts in minimal time.  

Content Ideas:

The People Behind the Brand 

Showcase your employees in a staff spotlight or introduce your team by posting a picture.

Where It All Happens 

Give your followers a glimpse into your office, desk, or workspace.  

Customer Reviews  

Repost positive reviews to your feed.

Say Thank You

Take a moment to thank your clients, a nonprofit, or a partner organization.

Celebrate a Win 

Invite your followers to celebrate with you, even if it’s just a small milestone.

Utilize Social Media Holidays 

There are tons of fun social media holidays, from pie day to international cat day to national tell a joke day there’s sure to be a fun holiday or two you can post.

Sneak Peek 

Give your followers a sneak peek into what’s coming. It could be a new product, new employee, or an upcoming event.

Behind the Scenes 

Show a picture of the behind the scenes work your employees do.  

Highlight Community Connections 

Post a spotlight of a local nonprofit, community event, or join in celebrating another local business’s success.

Events you Attended 

Share pictures from local events you help sponsor or attended, or even a conference or training.

Fun Tips 

Leverage your industry expertise and share fun, relevant tips for your customers. 

Blast from the Past 

Re-publish a long forgotten story or a picture from your company’s early days.

Fill in the Blank 

Create and share a simple graphic and ask your followers to fill in the blank. If possible, the fill in the blank should relate to your business or product.

Host a Contest 

Run a simple social media based contest. Maybe have followers name a new product, share pictures of your products, write the caption of a picture, fill in the correct puzzle piece, or correctly answer trivia about your business or industry.

Share a Diagram 

Is there a fun diagram or infographic you can use to demonstrate how your product is used, or its benefits? Or share a diagram that displays your business’s growth and community involvement. You can even share a cool graphic of the services your company provides. 

Share an Industry Story 

Curate content from other authorities in your industry. Share a story or news clip from another source that’s relevant to your business, product, and customer base.

Your View from Work

This is especially beneficial for companies that don’t work in a traditional office setting all the time. Spend time landscaping? Share a pic. Climb a pole to check voltage? Share a pic. Bringing in new inventory? Share a pic.