Hello! Intern Bee here, when we first started the intern campaign, we had a few ideas of what we wanted to do and where we wanted to take it. I believe we did a fantastic job at delivering but now you get to see our thought process of where we wanted the campaign to go.

Campaign Overview

A campaign overview is a sort of brief that mentions what will be happening.

Intern Notes:

What we are doing is putting together a “meet the interns” kind of campaign.


An objective for a campaign could be seen as a goal or a place you want to reach in order for it to be successful.

Intern Notes:

Our goal is to reach 250 people, have five successful posts, and promote what MSGPR is and who the interns are.

Social Networks

Each social network has different audiences meaning we can be a little more flexible with what we do on various platforms. For example, Facebook and Instagram have more flexibility than LinkedIn because they aren’t as serious.

Intern Notes:

LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are platforms we will be using because it will reach different audiences.

Target Audience

Target audience is who we want to reach and what will keep us from reaching them.

AgeLocationInterestsChallengesPrimary Social Networks
45-64East Texas, United StatesBusiness Media Competitors, knowledge of MSGPR and interns, understanding of technologyFacebook and Instagram

Campaign Operations

The campaign operations was set with all of our minds connecting and coming up with ideas.

Intern Notes:

We all took part in thinking of ideas for the campaign and we all came together to do what we had to do in order to succeed. Specifically, Dalton edited and revised our bios, Rachel scheduled them across the social networks, and I took on brainstorming and managed the posts to make sure they were being sent out.