Your plan, content, and consistency all come together to create a perfect platform for engagement. The best standard of success is your audience’s engagement. A huge audience is irrelevant if that audience is not engaged. 

What exactly is social media engagement? 

Engagement is simply how people interact with your brand on social media. It could be through likes, shares, hashtags, comments, and more. Engagement is the measure of connection. Traditional marketing like billboards, paper ads, and commercials often don’t offer an avenue of interaction. Social media does. Engagement is one of the foundational reasons social media has changed how modern marketing reaches its audience. Today, most social media algorithms prioritize engagement when curating users ‘for you’, discover, and home pages. Engagement is the hallmark of success in the social media world because it shows that your content is important and your audience cares about it. For small businesses, this is great news! Small businesses usually tend to produce the most engaged audiences when set against influencers and big name brands. Why is that? Small businesses have fewer overall followers, but more of their followers are interacting, liking, commenting, and sharing than other businesses and brands.

How do I create a social media page that is focused on engagement? 

Engagement is driven by connection and interaction, and the best way to encourage those on your business’s social media pages is through the three marketing monsters we’ve covered: strategy, content, and consistency. Developing a strategy or social media plan is the first step in ensuring that your brand’s social pages and content is meaningful and effective for you and your audience. Well designed, relevant content pulls your audience in, reminds them of who you are and why you exist, and offers an avenue to interaction. Consistency is the cherry on top. It keeps your content in front of your audience while building trust and awareness. A strategy leads to engagement. Content leads to engagement. Consistency leads to engagement. And engagement? It leads to growth: a larger audience who better understands your product and is more willing to buy it. 

If you’ve followed us through our marketing monsters series, we hope it’s helped you grasp how to better equip your business to succeed on social media, and if you’re looking for experts to help you get started, give us a call and mention #MarketingMonsters and we’ve got a special content package discount just for you! (936) 637-7593