‘Content is King’ in the social media world, but sometimes developing fresh, new content can seem daunting. How do you know what to create, and then how do you design it? Don’t fear, content doesn’t have to be the monster it’s often made out to be! Content is born out of knowing your audience and knowing your goals. Once you’ve got those two down, content is much simpler.  

Do you know your goals? 

If you’ve got your social media strategy nailed down, then finding your content’s direction is much easier. Take your main goal, and create a campaign, or just some content ideas that would help you reach that goal.  

Don’t have a social media plan for your business? Check out last week’s #MediaMonday where we walk you through how to create a social media strategy for your business.  

Do you know your audience? 

Who are you trying to reach? Current customers? Potential customers? A new audience? Whoever you’re hoping to reach in order to achieve your goal should be a driving force in the development of your content. If you sell lawn care products and your primary customers are male, you probably don’t want to run a pink floral campaign to sell your latest product. Design your content with your target audience’s needs, wants, and lifestyle at the forefront. The most effective content is going to be both personalized to your audience and relevant to your goals. 

How do you create the content?

Now that you know what you want to say, you’ve just got to design it! We’ve got several tools to help you create great graphics to fit your brand and campaign, regardless of your graphic design skills. 

First, find inspiration! Look at your competitors, explore hashtags, research what’s worked (and what hasn’t) for others. Gather design ideas and discuss them with your colleagues and teammates to get their feedback and input! 

Now the fun part, design It!  

  • Use an outside agency. Here at MSGPR, this is what we do! We take your brand, get to know its personality, and develop content to help you reach your goals. An outside agency, like us, has seasoned media professionals who do the research and development for you, and in-house graphic designers who make your greatest graphic dreams come true. In fact, if you call and mention this article, we’ve got a special content package just for you! 
  • Do it yourself! You don’t have to have a design degree to create beautiful, effective graphics and content. There are several online softwares that are simple and easy to learn. We suggest starting with Adobe Creative Cloud Express or Canva
  • Employ a freelance graphic designer. There are tons of websites like 99Designs and Fiverr where you can hire a graphic designer to develop a specific campaign for a short amount of time.