Goals are essential for all aspects of a business, and the social media strategy is no exception. Over the next few weeks, we will go through each aspect of SMART Goals: a goal setting approach that produces focused, actionable goals. Follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and our website as we take you through an example of how to create SMART Goals for social media. 

SMART Goals are: 







Herbert’s Flowers is a small locally owned flower shop. They have been on social media for a while, but want to better engage their customers on Facebook as they expand their online shop. They need a new social media strategy and are using SMART Goals. 

SMART Goals – Herbert’s Flowers

SpecificWhat is the exact goal you want to achieve? Why is this goal important to your business? Define this goal as clearly as you can. We want to grow our social media following on Facebook by 100 followers. Covid has increased the number of customers who buy online, and we want more of our current and potential customers to learn about our products and offers through Facebook.  

How will you measure this goal? What will indicate success?  Our goal is to gain 100 followers from repeat and new customers. We will measure our goal by the number of followers. 
Achievable How are you going to accomplish this goal? What is the plan? 
What is the motivation for this goal? 
What do you need to be successful? Certain tools or skills?  
Are there any resources you are lacking? 
We plan to target both new customers and current customers with offers and social media posts. 
Current CustomersIf a customer buys something in the store, they are offered a 10% discount if they are following Herbert’s Flowers on Facebook. 
New CustomersOnce a week, we will run a simple Facebook ad targeting our geographic area that will link directly to our Facebook page. This ad will promote a special for new customers: buy your first bouquet online and receive a free box of luxury chocolates. 
Social Media PostsEvery week we will post a type of flower we offer in our shop and give a description and short history to help customers be aware of the different flowers we offer. 
RelevantDoes this goal relate to the current business strategy and products? How? 
Why are you setting this goal now? 
How are going to make this goal relevant to your customers? 
We want to increase our online sales which starts with our customers knowing we have an online shop. Increasing followers and engagement on Facebook is a part of our larger goal. 
Time-BoundWhen will this goal be achieved? 
Are there any other time-bound components of your goal? 
We will gain 100 new followers in three months. 
At the end of the first two months, we will assess how many followers we gained and if we need to adjust our strategy to reach our goal. 

Does your business need to get started on some SMART Goals? Here’s a blank template: