Lee Miller, CEO 

Lee and Kenla Miller founded MSGPR in 1991 to meet the media needs in Lufkin, Texas. Lee has 34+years of experience in broadcast, media, and technology. Throughout his years in broadcast, he has consulted for foreign governments, led the way in adapting new innovations, ran television studios, partnered with nonprofits, and so much more! His years in the industry and vast expertise have been recognized by various prestigious organizations including the Society of Broadcast Engineers, the Energy Professionals Association, and the National Religious Broadcasters Television Committee. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance, is a member of the Advanced Television Systems Committee and the Texas Association of Broadcasters Golden Mic Club. Lee’s commitment to community has not wavered throughout his career. He is currently a board member of the Lufkin Salvation Army and serves in the contemporary worship band at Harmony Hill Baptist Church. 

Josh Miller, COO, Head Videographer 

Josh, the son of Lee Miller, practically grew up in and around all things media and broadcast related. However, that wasn’t always where he saw himself going. After studying medicine, he decided to return to his childhood roots and joined MSGPR as COO. Josh heads our videography and production projects and has won numerous awards for his incredible videography skills. He loves taking a business’s idea and helping them tell their story.

Truitt Miller, Operations 

Truitt ran auto parts stores across East Texas for over 40 years before coming over to MSGPR. At the office, he makes sure everything stays in tip top shape. He runs errands, keeps up with the mail, and makes sure everyone is working hard. Truitt spends his time outside of the office loving on his great-grandchildren and playing a mean game of poker. 

Kathy McKnight, Administrative Assistant 

Kathy worked as an executive assistant at Pepsi for over thirty years before retiring and bringing her expertise to MSGPR. She is our ‘office grandma,’ always ready with a story or to make sure we are having a great day! She keeps the office running and makes sure everyone gets paid. However, her favorite things in the world are her grandchildren: a two-year-old granddaughter and sixteen-year-old grandson. 

Crystal Arnold, Administrative Assistant 

Crystal is our newest addition to the MSGPR family. She brings a deep love of organization and detail to her position. Her favorite part of working for MSGPR, thus far, has been the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere of the office. Crystal has two daughters. One is going to school for teaching, and the youngest attends grade school in Apple Springs. 

Misty Boggs, Creative and Operations Director 

Misty started with MSGPR as an intern and has since held just about every job in the office. She currently leads operations and serves as creative director. She received her bachelor’s in communications from Stephen F Austin State University and is currently enrolled in their Master’s program for Mass Communication. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge and helping clients succeed. Out of the office, she enjoys taking her niece and nephew on adventures and always has a story to share about her dog, Chase. 

Madi Stephens, Communications Coordinator 

Madi graduated from the University of Houston where she majored in English Literature and minored in Education and Arab Studies. She has a passion for people and communication that has led her across the world. After leaving her teaching position in the Middle East, she joined us as a content producer and quickly found her footing in the media world. Her favorite thing about working for MSGPR is the community commitment and involvement.  

Jordan Bailey, Videographer 

Jordan graduated from Pineywoods Community Academy before jumping into the world of video and production at MSGPR. He is a whiz when it comes to technology and is currently in training to become our onsite IT expert. In the office, you can often find him making jokes or rearranging someone’s desk. 

Caleb Forrest, Graphic Design 

Caleb leads our graphic design team in creating, developing, and executing any designs our clients can dream up! He graduated from Pineywoods Community Academy before getting his Associates degree at Angelina College. He is currently pursuing his Graphic Design degree at Stephen F Austin State University. Outside of work, Caleb enjoys playing video games, listening to music, and collecting sneakers and comics. 

Rachel Havard, Photography and Media Intern 

Rachel is heading into her junior year at LEAD Academy. She loves writing and photography and dreams of being a professional photographer one day. She spends her time in the office learning about photography, media, and everything else she can! She can often be found meticulously organizing anything and everything that doesn’t have a home. 

Bee Martinez, Photography and Media Intern 

Bee is a senior at Lufkin High School and involved in the photography club and yearbook. At the office, they are always ready to take on the next challenge and try something new! From photography to journalism to content creation, Bee always works hard and applies creativity. 

Dalton Currie, Graphic Design Intern 

Dalton just graduated from Lufkin High School and is preparing to start at Texas State University where he will be studying Communication Design. In the office he works on two teams: graphic design and content creation. He designs graphics and websites for various clients, as well as lending his photography skills to the content team. 

Rozalin Martin, Videography and Graphics Intern 

Rozalin is a student at LEAD Academy and our resident K-Pop expert. She works on our graphic design team and is learning the ins and outs of videography. She hopes to take what she learns about graphic design and videography and grow that into a future career in animation.