Pictured from left to right: Bee Martinez, MSGPR Intern; Missy Kaemmerling, Extern and Diboll ISD CTE Teacher; Missy Boggs, MSGPR Creative Director

MSGPR partners with Workforce Solutions and Diboll ISD

Workforce Solutions exists to further the Deep East Texas economic development by equipping people with job skills and working with employers to meet their unique needs. They do this through a variety of programs including a teacher externship program, job assistance for veterans, and job skills training among other programs. With the externship, teachers learn what it is like outside of the classroom by ‘externing’ in local area businesses and then incorporate that into what they teach in the classroom. This program is open to teachers throughout the Deep East Texas region each summer.

Missy Kaemmerling, a Diboll ISD teacher chosen to participate, desired to learn more about the principles of audio-visual technology and communications. Kaemmerling, formerly an English teacher, says that she is excited to learn more about what she will be teaching and looks forward to bringing what she has learned into the classroom. Although videography and media is a new subject to her, she is excited to learn more about it in order to teach it effectively. Her teaching philosophy leads her to believe the most important thing is building relationships with her students. She desires to help guide her students in and out of the classroom. 

Workforce Solutions paired Kaemmerling with MSGPR, allowing her to spend a week at MSGPR and experience the real world aspects of media and videography. MSGPR strives to provide clients with what they are looking for in the best way possible. Misty Boggs, the creative director at MSGPR explains, “Hosting an externship has allowed MSGPR to help bridge the gap between the classroom and the workforce. This has been an opportunity to showcase what we do and to network with the school and the teacher so we can work together to highlight jobs in our area.” Saying further, “MSGPR hopes that Kaemmerling has been able to capture and understand what we do as media professionals and is able to show her students this passion. It’s more than how to use the software or use a video camera. The why in what you do is just as important as how you do it. I hope that it is something that we have passed on to her.”

Kaemmerling hopes that she can influence her students to follow their dreams and plans to take everything that she has learned at MSGPR this week into the classroom and inspire her students. Many young people don’t know what their options are and the Workforce Solutions Externship program helps teachers broaden their understanding of the variety of jobs available here, and encourage their students to explore their passions.