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Our clients came to us to tell a very unique story between a Christian, who happens to be a Texas lawyer, and a man from Zulu, South Africa. The two met years ago and formed a tight bond of friendship that has stood the test of time and distance. The book chronicles Jeremiah’s journey in understanding how God could have a plan and a purpose for a nation experiencing extreme poverty and an aids epidemic that has left millions of children orphaned. Jeremiah runs an orphanage and has recently begun a sewing project that would provide orphans with the uniforms they need for school while also providing jobs in the community. We were tasked with bringing the story to life on the page and to set up purchase points for the book with the end goal of giving Jeremiah new opportunities to share his story and the stories of those he represents.


Graphic Design, Web Development, Editing and Layout, Video, Photography, Events, Publication


Campaign Materials

Book, Website with store, Facebook page, product placement on Amazon 




Social Media Campaign


Within a few months, the book had two printings to fill the demand in the U.S. and South Africa. Speaking engagements on radio and television opened up for Jeremiah to share his story. The first book from the printing was presented to the King of South Africa in honor and appreciation for his commitment to help the people in Zululand. The sewing project has become fully staffed and began producing garments through partnerships with Rotary Club both in the states and in South Africa. During the Corona virus pandemic of 2020, the sewing center began producing masks to help reduce the risk of exposure in the most vulnerable.