Social Media Audiences: the What and the Why

If you’re standing on a stage, it’s pretty easy to recognize your audience. However, when it comes to identifying your social media audience, the view can be a little more muddled. It doesn’t have to be! Today, we will introduce you a few different types of audiences and the importance of understanding your social media audience. 


In the most general sense, your social media audience is your followers- those who like, interact, engage, or at the very least passively intake your content.  

Target Audience 

Your target audience is a combination of segments of your current audience and potential audience. This is the population of customers you want to reach defined by their demographics. A target audience might be broad like teens or adults or women, or it could be very specific, maybe pre-teens interested in skateboarding or mom’s who take their young children to the park. For valentines day, a flower and chocolate shop may specifically target married men. They may run ads and offer promotions focusing on language that encourages men to show their wives how much they love them through flowers and chocolate.

Potential Audience 

Your potential audience is the number of customers who don’t yet know you. They are users reachable through social media ads and/or geographic proximity, and often already fit in your audience demographic, they just don’t know you yet.

Why know your social media audience?

When you know your audience, you can better market to them.  Your audience is identified by their demographics, as specific and relevant as you need them to be. The data you collect can be anything you can imagine: age, gender, familial status, school graduated from, interests, shopping habits, vehicle ownership, etc.

Knowing your audience’s demographics, and who your target audience is, means that you can narrow down exactly who you want to reach and cater to them. This helps you know how to create content that specifically appeals and targets them. In turn, your target audience interacts with relevant content that helps them understand and trust your brand. Identifying and targeting specific audiences allow you to more effectively reach you customers.

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