Last week we reintroduced ourselves, and said something pretty bold: “Today, people and media move so quickly they often forget the power of the story. We haven’t.” Here at MSGPR, storytelling is weaved into everything we do, and we truly do believe it is one of the most powerful things in the world.

We are built for connection. It’s hardwired into our brains to seek connection to people, emotions, moments, and stories. Think back to hundreds of years ago, before written language, oral storytelling was foundational. Communities educated children through fables. Cultures bonded through tales of bravery and defeat. Civilizations preserved their history through the, often fantastical, retelling of events. Homer’s Iliad, the captivating legends of Norse Mythology, the European folktales that became our fairytales – all find their roots in oral storytelling, and their stories are still told, retold, and reinterpreted today. From Disney’s reinterpretations of traditional fairytales to Marvel’s use of Norse Mythology these stories still permeate our lives and screens today.

Even as oral tradition gave way to the written word, film, and social media, the affect of good storytelling has not lessened. People are still drawn to connection, and stories captivate, draw in, and connect. Today, marketing and connecting with customers is top priority for any business, and most businesses that succeed in social media marketing are telling a story. Social media in particular has opened a new avenue of storytelling for individuals and brands. The barrier of connection is lowered and brands have a new way to make direct connections with potential customers. When a brand tells a compelling story that establishes a connection with people, it build trust and increases the potential for a future purchase. A single positive interaction with a brand creates a connection and increases brand awareness, brand trust, and establishes an emotional tie between the person and brand.

Brands use all kind of methods to tell stories across media today. Some focus on powerful images with few words, some put a high priority on unedited behind the scenes reels, some design stunning graphics to educate their audience. All are telling a story. All are attempting to create connection with potential customers. The method may vary but the content is what drives the connection. The story the brands are telling – that is what brings connection. The story helps people picture themselves using the product, or identify with the situation, or align themselves the brands core values. An impactful story evokes an emotional response whether it be tears, laugher, or anger, our brains are wired to remember that feeling, that emotional connection. Someone may quickly forget a simple Instagram ad, but they won’t soon forget a compelling story.

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