Hi, we thought it was about time to re-introduce ourselves. We are MSGPR. We hang out in a little grey house on Chestnut, but don’t let our size fool you, we’ve got some big ideas and expert skills. 

Founded by Lee and Kenla Miller in 1991, we have spent the last thirty-plus years helping our clients succeed. What started as a small public relations and video firm has grown into a full-service media agency with years of experience and cross-discipline expertise. We are deeply rooted in East Texas and work with small businesses, nonprofits, corporations, and individuals in our region. However, we don’t stop there. We consult for technology, media, and development across the globe and have offices in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, New York, and Washington DC. One of the things we are most proud of is being able to offer our clients high-quality products no matter where they are located.  

So how did a little grey house in Lufkin become renowned for their storytelling and tech expertise? It’s simple: we are really good at what we do and we love the people we do it for. Our company was founded on Lee Miller’s years of broadcast and media knowledge, and over time, he built and expanded MSGPR into new areas like videography, web design, content creation, and so much more. All of this comes back to storytelling. Today, people and media move so quickly they often forget the power of the story. We haven’t. It’s what we’re best at: telling your story. Every service we offer is grounded in helping your business tell your story in a way that your audience understands.  

Today, people and media move so quickly they often forget the power of the story. We haven’t.

Our office may have a relaxed atmosphere, but we take your story seriously. We take the time to get to know your brand’s personality. Who are they? Does your brand spend its weekends at the lake or strolling through the mall? Is your brand highly professional or does it greet its long-time customers with a ‘Howdy, y’all’? You may think those are rather funny questions to ask about a brand, but like we’ve said, we’re not your average little media house. We are committed to telling your story, and to do that well, we have to care enough to get to know you. Our intentionality in how we care for our clients and our community is central to who we are and how we tell your story. 

The heart of what we do is people and community. Whether we are helping you design a new website, create content for your brand, or video your event, our priority is your success. So let us tell your story, we’re really good at it! 

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